School Benches

Aulki Seating is Mumbai’s number one designer and producer of chairs and benches that can suit a variety of purposes. Our company has been active as a reputed wholesaler, manufacturer, supplier and service provider of different types of school furniture, institutional school furniture and modular furniture units. We have been making top of the line school furniture products for our patrons for many years and our products are used extensively in numerous schools. Being a company that has been actively involved in the making of school furniture units for a long time, we can surely cater to the diverse demands of schools when they are looking to buy high end school desks and benches for their students. We are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of school benches and classroom furniture in Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, Thane, Ambernath, Ratnagiri, Sangli, Solapur, Kolhapur, Bhiwandi, Akola, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Panvel and other parts of Maharashtra.

School Bench Manufacturers

Here at Aulki Seating, we take pride in creating school benches that our buyers really cherish and appreciate for a long time. We have been involved in designing and producing ergonomically crafted school desks and benches that allow the students to maintain a proper posture when they are sitting in the class and doing all of their assignments and classwork. We specialize in making E-18 school dual desk bench products that can sit two students at the same time. Unless students have access to high quality benches and tables, it would not be possible for them to really focus on their studies. This is why we take the time out to create amazing classroom furniture products that the schools and their students can find real value in.  

High Quality Classroom Furniture

One of the things that make our school chairs, school desks and school tables a tad more advanced than our competition is that we are always open to new innovations while making our products. We always consider what our customers are looking for when they are buying school benches from us and are curate our products accordingly. When you consult with us to buy classroom furniture for your school, we can show you products that have a flawless design. Depending on what you are looking for from your classroom furniture units, we can guide you to products that you and your students can appreciate for a long time. We also make sure that the parents of the students are happy that their kids have got positive posture health when they are sitting in these benches for most of the day. It is a well known fact that the right posture can work wonders for a student when he or she is looking to focus on studies while avoiding neck and back pain at the same time.

Whether you are looking to get a classroom desk with benches that support two students or two separate chairs, we can provide you with the furniture that can suit your needs the most. Our products are available for wholesale and we can also get you affordable price packages when compared to other brands. So make sure that you get in touch with us today at Aulki Seating as we can offer you the finest range of school benches in India.  

High Quality School Benches Manufacturers

The classroom is more than just a room for learning; it’s a space where students nurture their dreams and educators inspire the future. The furniture within this space plays a pivotal role in creating an environment that fosters creativity, concentration, and collaboration. Aulki Seating understands this dynamic, offering a remarkable range of classroom furniture that elevates the learning experience. Aulki Seating has redefined the standards of classroom furniture with its innovative designs and commitment to comfort. Our chairs and desks are carefully crafted, keeping students’ needs in mind. Aulki chairs are ergonomically designed, providing optimal lumbar support and flexibility, ensuring students can sit comfortably for extended periods without sacrificing their posture.

One of Aulki Seating’s standout features is its adaptability. Our modular furniture solutions allow for easy reconfiguration, ensuring the classroom can adapt to the evolving demands of modern education. With Aulki, a traditional classroom can transform into a collaborative hub, promoting group discussions and interactive learning. These pieces are not just furniture; they’re tools for educators to create dynamic and engaging learning environments. We are one of the largest classroom furniture manufacturers in Maharashtra

Aulki Seating combines style and functionality, enhancing the aesthetics of the classroom. Our attention to detail and choice of high-quality materials result in furniture that is not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing. A well-designed classroom positively influences the mood and motivation of students, making Aulki Seating the perfect choice for educators who value the learning atmosphere.

When it comes to classroom furniture in Mumbai, Aulki Seating stands out as a brand that merges comfort, adaptability, and style to create an environment where students can thrive. With Aulki, every classroom becomes a space where dreams take shape and futures are forged.