Study Chairs

Aulki Seating is a renowned designer and creator of chairs that can be used for different types of purposes. We are based in Mumbai and we have been creating a wide range of chairs for our users so that it makes things easier for them. If you are looking to have chairs and benches for your business or other purposes, you can count on us for providing you with the best range of solutions. Among the many types of chairs that we design and produce for our buyers, some of the most notable ones are of course the study chairs that we create for many types of academic centres. These study chairs can help people to sit comfortably in a classroom while they take notes and listen to lectures offered by their instructors.

Plenty of students these days prefer to take extra classes after school at a tuition centre. In such cases, they need to have properly designed study chairs with writing pads where they can sit and attend the classes for several hours at a stretch. At Aulki Seating, we dedicated our time and energy to create stellar study chairs that can boost the productivity of the students and help them to focus completely on the subject matter that they are studying. Each and every study chair with writing pad that we have to offer here at Aulki Seating goes through stringent quality checks to make sure that our end users are always happy with the user experience that they can provide.  We are the major manufacturers and suppliers of study chairs in Mumbai, Nashik, Thane, Pune, Ambernath, Ratnagiri, Sangli, Solapur, Kolhapur, Bhiwandi, Akola, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Panvel and other parts of Maharashtra, India.

Study Chairs with Writing Pad

As a leading manufacturer of study chairs in Mumbai, we can offer an extensive range of study chairs such as E-5 folding study chairs, E-2 S tablet chairs, F-10 fibre seat back study chairs, E-4 educational metal school benches, E-7 metal school benches and E-6 wooden school benches. Our study chairs are not only used by afterschool study centres but also in educational facilities where professional studies like MBA and designing are held. The ease of use and flexibility that are offered by our writing pad chairs make them some of the best products of their kind. If you are the owner of an educational facility and you want to have the best quality furniture that can boost the energy and productivity of the students, then you can count on us for providing you with study chairs that can help you to achieve that goal.  

Aulki Seating has been designing and creating study chairs for different types of academic centres for a long time now and we are thoroughly familiar with the expectations of this industry. We are skilled at come up with chairs that offer flexibility while also helping the students to maintain a proper posture while they focus on their class work. So if you are thinking of investing in some study chairs that would be ideal for your academic centre, then it is highly important that you get in touch with us here at Aulki Seating as we can provide you a fine collection of chairs.